Brewdog – Hop Shot


Imperial IPA • 22 % ABV • Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

And now for something completely different…

Back in Brewdog territory and this time I’m trying something stronger than their conventional beers but thankfully not as powerful as their strongest beers.
Mainly because one bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin or Sink the Bismarck and I’d likely be crying by the end of the session – Much as I like them both.
This time, I’m trying out a Brewdog Hop Shot – Quadruple IPA.

Brewdog’s Hop Shot goes through an ice distillation process where some of the liquids in the alcohol are frozen leaving just the unfrozen alcohol. This is what leaves you with the potent Hop Shot. The same process is used on Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck.
In the case of the Hop Shot, the resulting Imperial West Coast IPA has a high ABV at 22% and offers massive amounts of hop character, sweet toffee, a powerful bitterness and a warming finish.
Let’s pop this cap and see what we’ve got. Cheers!

The Hop Shot is deep gold to amber in colour and provides no head at all on pouring. A little agitation of the syrupy IPA brings a few smalls bubbles to the surface. The beer itself is fairly hazy.
The aroma hits you with full on, fresh hops along with some alcohol warmth for good measure. Lots of vibrant citrus lead into a toffee malt which can be picked up more through the retro-nazal.
Hops are literally the first thing to smack you in the flavour, though the use of grapefruit, orange and citrus. A rich and sweet toffee takes over before you are walloped with a big, powerful and lasting bitterness at the end.
A rich and syrupy Quad IPA with little in the way of carbonation, but gives a warmth on the back of the throat and a tingling sensation on the tongue.

Brewdog’s Hop Shot gives an explosion of flavours and lots of warmth in a rich yet syrupy quad IPA form.
It’s lighter than Sink the Bismarck and Tactical Nuclear Penguin which allows the fresher and vibrant hops to work their magic. This, I believe, makes the Hop Shot a far more palatable drinker.

One to drink slowly and take your time over to appreciate the range of flavours and aromas.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Brewdog’s Hop Shot.

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