Tuatara Brewing Company – Sauvinova


Pale Ale • 5.2 % ABV • Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Things are getting pretty serious with my Beer Judge Certification Course so its time to step up my game and work through the 100 or so beers currently sat at home.

My next beer comes from an Honest Brew craft beer advent calendar, that I was working through at the end of 2016.
Due to coming down with one of the worst flu viruses I’ve had in years, I inevitably postponed the reviews and ended up having to pull the plug altogether – pretty gutted.

Today we’re looking at Tuatara Brewery and a single hopped Pale ale called Sauvinova.
Loaded with Nelson Sauvin hops and balanced with Pilsner, Vienna & Crystal malts.
The main thing to take from this pale is that the Nelson Sauvin hops offer a distinct tropical gooseberry to the resulting brew.
Lets crack this textured bottle open and give it a go!

Sauvinova is pale gold in colour producing a lively white head which has holds up for a while. The beers itself does have a haziness which is likely the result of the dry hopping.
The aroma is really hop forward, giving strong floral hits as well as light berry fruit and a little spice at the back. a touch of caramel is hiding at the back offering some balance from the hops.
The hops aren’t as punchy in the flavour but still throw lots of honey, light berry and flora in the mix. This balances really with the caramel malts that don’t take over too much and allow the hops to really shine.
A distinct spicy and gooseberry flavour then guides you into a medium bitterness which hangs around after swallowing.
Sauvinova is a medium bodied beer with a high level of carbonation which combines to give a smooth yet almost creamy texture which excites the tongue. No astringency at all.

A surprising American Pale with a distinct and unusual hoppy flavour which comes from the Nelson Sauvin hops. Malts balance well and don’t distract from the hops.
An excellent pale ale.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle then visit @biertaster and let me know what you thought of the Tuatara and their Sauvinova.

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