Brewdog – Hop Shots


News has finally broken from Brewdog and their latest Hop Shot.

I remember reading about these a couple of years ago when I was first looking to invest my hard-earned cash into the last UK Equity for Punks investment.

With an ABV of 22%, they are of a more a palette able strength than Tactical Nuclear Penguin (32% ABV) and Sink the Bismarck (41% ABV) which will hopefully allow the hop character and the malts to really shine through.

I’ve tried both Tactical Nuclear Penguin & Sink the Bismarck which offered some pretty complex flavours and richness.
They both however seemed to offer similar aniseed\licorice spicy flavours.
Mind this was before I started reviewing beers properly so my palette will almost certainly have developed at this point.

It sounds like these Hop Shots are going to offer something very different but pretty powerful!

The Low Down from Brewdog

Hop Shot is a high-velocity hop hit.

Our latest experiment in ice-distillation is a west coast IPA, subjected to Antarctic temperatures and concentrated by removing the ice that forms. The result is a 22% ABV hop grenade in a 110 ml bottle.

The aroma retains a huge amount of hop character – grapefruit peel, sticky stewed orange and yuzu, combined with heady pine sap and resin. The mouth feel is full and warming, and layers sweet toffee with an aggressive bitterness. Firing on all cylinders with a hit of light effervescence, hop shot is India pale ale, quadrupled.

ABV: 22%
OG: 1065
IBU: 200+
Malt: Extra Pale
Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Columbus, Simcoe
Style: IPA

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