First Homebrew project For November

Things have been fairly quiet on the blog whilst I’ve been setting up a few things behind the scenes.
Some of the bigger changes include a new light-box to help with the quality of my photos aswell as changing up the aesthetics of the website which you may have seen.
I’ve also been busy pushing my latest competition. If you haven’t seen it, click this link and check it out.

I have also taken a little time out to consider some new recipes for upcoming brews here in November. The first of which can be found below.

Nuts for Wit!

The brew itself will be made of equal parts Maris Otter and Torrified Wheat.
The Maris Otter will add the body and sugars required for the base of the beer, whilst the torrified wheat will be used in place of standard wheat to offer the wheat flavour I’m looking for aswell as offering good head retention and body.
Noble hops in the form of Hallertau will be used in small quantities to add a minute touch of aroma and bitter as I’m aiming for a minimal hop profile to allow the wheat and spices to really shine.
I’ll spice the beer up with equal parts dried curacao orange peel and crushed coriander to help push the traditional spicy flavours of a Wit.
A Mangrove Jacks – Bavarian Wheat yeast will bring everything together and add the esters associated with a wheat beer including banana and clove.

Just because I like to be different and really want to take my beers in “stand out” directions, I’m going to roast some peanuts and add them to the fermenter at dry hop stage.
The main risk here is that the natural peanut oils can affect head retention, but with the choice of torrified wheat, I’m hoping the damage will be minimal.

The recipe I’ve come up with so far can be found below:-


560g Maris Otter Malts
455g Torrified Wheat
45g Flaked Oats

Hops – Start – Bittering
6g Hallertau

Hops – Middle – Flavouring
No requirements

Hops – End – Aroma
No Requirements

Other – End
4g Dried Curacao Orange Peel – 5 Minutes Left on the Clock
4g Crush Coriander – 5 Minutes Left on the Clock

Bavarian Wheat (Mangrove Jacks M20)

Dry Hop – Five days

90g Peanuts (Roasted & crushed)

With a bit of luck, I’ll get a chance to brew this towards the end of the week.
Keep an eye out on or my social media pages for updates.

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