Odell Brewing Company -India Pale Ale

ipaIndia Pale Ale • 7 % ABV • Fort Collins, Colorado USA

How about another one from Odell Brewing Company who contribute to a number of charitable programs in the local area.
From educational and environmental issues to efforts supporting children at risk, single parent families and the elderly. the Odell Outreach program meets quarterly to arrange a number of events to support these causes.

Next on the Odell Beer front is an IPA which takes hopping to a whole new level with the addition of 9 Different US hop varieties.
Odell have taken the traditional IPA style and have given it a modern face lift, packing it with plenty of aromatic hops to help create a distinctive bitterness as well as the inclusion of Pale and Vienna malts.
At 7% ABV,this is going to be one powerful IPA!

Odell India Pale Ale is amber in colour and crystal clear. Poured from the can, it forms a small white head which settles quickly but lingers on the surface providing plenty of lacing on the way down.
The aroma throws out lots of variation with a mixture of spicy, tangy, floral and piney. There is the slightest touch maltiness if you sniff hard enough.
Although there is a lot going on in the nose, the aroma is subtle and not overbearing.
The flavour really gives you kick up the arse with its complex mixture of hops which give IPA a peppery, spicy, tangy, fruity and a lasting dry bitterness profile.
As the temperature starts to increase, the beer takes on a more resinous flavour too.
Odell’s IPA is light in body and a little more seltzer like in carbonation
It definitely tastes like a 7% beer and is most certainly one you want to take your time over, to enjoy the developing flavours as the temperature rises.

For a bit of a laugh, check out Odell Breweries Mood Pairing quiz to find your perfect Odell Beer.

If you have had an opportunity to try a can, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Odell India Pale Ale

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