Brewdog #Livebeer

Photos by: Grant Anderson  -

So it turns out that Brewdog have another ace up their sleeves with the release of Live Beer.
A self contained beer that comes conditioned in a key keg and apparently offers up far more consistency that the traditional cask. No oxidation and no mixed quality.

liveLive beer is packaged up with 2 million living yeast cells per millimetre and held in a container which prevents oxygen ingress.
Fermented without top pressure and a touch of centrifuge to remove hop debris. The beer is then packaged up and allowed to ferment and condition inside the keg, offering what Brewdog say is the perfect pint every time.

“All of the positives of Casks with none of the negatives”

The patented and technical knowhow for live beer will be gladly shared to fellow craft beer producers by simply asking. Bigger and more industrial breweries are also welcome to ask, providing they offer up a $500m administration fee payment up front in the form of gummy bears and their head on a plate.

Brewdog Cardiff started serving one of their staples Dead Pony (Club) Pale Ale in the form of live beer from 6PM yesterday. I wanted to get on the band wagon to be one of the first to actually try it out with a side by side comparison.

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t had a chance to try Dead Pony (Club) Pale Ale in its traditional form, just think sessionable pale ale packed with West Coast hops to offer a hoppy kick up the arse whilst offering a subtle malty backbone.
Refreshing, powerful and not overly powerful in ABV making it a great place to start the night.


The comparison above goes someway to giving you an idea of the more obvious visual differences. Traditional keg style Dead Pony is on the left and the new live beer Dead pony is on the right.

The live beer variant had a far smoother feel whilst still offering plenty of the fresh, fruity and vibrant hop flavours we’ve come to love about Dead Pony (Club) Pale Ale.
Both beers started with the same sized head but the live beer variation was able to hold itself really well. Even after a few sips, the head stuck around.
With a little agitation, the aroma comes across cleaner and fresher when compared with the original keg version. A little foam reforms on both beers but the live beer takes the lead through retaining more foam over time.
The final difference visually on this occasion was that the live beer had a touch more haze but as a result offered more depth and colour as you can see above.

Don’t get me wrong, the kegged version Dead Pony (Club) Pale Ale was and still is a great beer. It’s just that the live beer shows that technology can reinvigorate and improve on a classic. It will be interesting to how live beer gets and whether cask lovers can appreciate the direction Brewdog are taking their beers too.


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