Beer52 Photo Competition


Cn5wb0AUkAEVWgII had some very good news on Saturday when a Twitter message notification popped up and the guys from Beer52 congratulated me on winning their photo competition.

My prize, A free case when my August box is due for delivery.
As a part of their loyalty rewards scheme, I’ll also be getting 2 free exclusive beers.
This means a staggering 12 bottles of quality craft beer from my favourite mail order beer company.
I’m Really blown away that I won too, my selection of caps have so far won me two competitions.

Essentially, the photo is made up of 8 beers from my July delivery lined up in as symmetrical a way as possible. Hundreds of caps have then been poured in the middle with the Beer52 bar blade (Loyalty reward number one) sat atop.
A selection of my beer glasses were then filled with caps and placed on their side around the edges.
A bit of care was taken to organise the caps in such a way that as many as possible were sat face up and any upside down or sideways caps were covered.
Somehow I still managed to over looks the 3 caps next to the Rogue beer at the top and then really pesky Rev James cap at the bottom.
Finally, a quick snap or two along with a filter to darken the edges and job done.

Beer 52 announced the piece on their blog along with some honourable mentions.
You can check post out by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone at Beer52!

If you would like a case for a twelve British pounds, click here and register away.
Well worth a go for £12!


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