Brewdog – July 2016


Back in April 2016, Michelle and I decided to arrange some shares via Brewdog’s Equity for Punks scheme after a pretty hectic and beery day in Bristol.
We regularly pop by when we get a chance, having been to their pubs in and around Cardiff, Bristol, Leeds and Barcelona.
The variation in beers is always brilliant and we never feel that we are being awkward when asking for various samples before making our final decision.

With my equity registration details received, I thought it might be interesting to take things one step further and and try out one of their bottlebox subscriptions.
Due to already having a live Beer52 box on the go, I opted for the 12 beers bimonthly option containing the Brewdog and mixed beers.

Jump forward a few months and here in July, I finally received a notification to say that my first box had been arranged for despatch. Within 3 days it was within my grasp but needed collection during my lunch hour.
Cracking the box open revealed a nice selection of Brewdog seasonal & specials aswell as a selection of other breweries wares.
I’m really happy with the variety on offer, which gives me a chance to try some styles I wouldn’t normally try regularly.
The selection ranges from IPAs to Imperial Stouts, Saisons to Lambics, Sours to Farmhouse Ales.

Priced at around £40 every two months, the beers on offer in this box easily reach just over the this mark and includes the delivery. You also have the benefit of Brewdogs finest sourcing, selecting and packing the beers for you which means that all I have to do is crack them open and drink them down.

Here is a breakdown of the beers and their descriptions below.

Beavertown (Tottenham, England) – Quelle – Saison

A clean, crisp farmhouse pale packing a pale ale dry hop punch! The Pokey hops on the nose paired with the under belly of french saison yeast aromatics are quite the sensory duo!

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Hop Fiction – Pale Ale

Hop Fiction is an explosively tropical US-style Pale Ale. We’ve rolled up our hop-dusted sleeves and put some advanced brewing techniques to work in our latest seasonal brew.
Devoid of kettle additions, Hop Fiction’s incredible aromas and flavours are down to a combination of early and late hops – bags of soft, rounded citrus and stone fruit layer up on a dry light biscuit backbone.
Hop Fiction, beer fact.

Wild Beer Co (Mallet, England) – Fresh – Pale Ale

Our pale ale, made with northern and southern hemisphere hops
Created with a passion for flavour and a lust for hops — this is a frisky, fragrant pale ale. Whilst consistency is (rightly) the benchmark of most beers, we’ve gone Wild and thrown away the rulebook on this one.
Every six months we source some of the most interesting hops from the northern and southern hemispheres, which means two hop harvests and two excitingly different hop profiles.
Given the unpredictability of each harvest, you’re guaranteed a punchy hop character alongside an appetising bitterness and a crisp dry finish that will send you back for more.

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Electric India – Saison

Re-brewed as a spring seasonal, this beer – which appeared originally as an Equity Punk shareholder creation – retains its trademark spicy, fruity edge. A perfect blend of Belgian saison and US IPA, crushed peppercorns and heather honey are also added to give a genuinely unique beer.

Cromarty (Cromarty, Scotland) – AKA IPA – IPA

American styled India Pale Ale that is big, resinous and stoked with amazing fresh hops. Copper coloured with a strong malt body and alcohol content allows us to lash hops at it and create a beer worth sending on a stormy voyage.

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Black Hammer – Black IP

Jack Hammer has been single handedly ripping it up for quite some time. Now this IPA, has spawned four hammer head off-springs. Black Hammer is the second of our super-charge hyped up hybrids.

Dark malt and American hops unite to bring a new age of bitterness. Pithy grapefruit and resin combine with a dark chocolate and roasty coffee hit to deliver a resonating bitterness that goes beyond IBUs.

Buxton Brewery (Buxton, England) – Trolltunga – Sour/Wild Ale

Gooseberry Sour IPA. Trolltunga is a jutting rock in Norway, hanging 700 metres over lake Ringedalsvatnet. Only the wary tread the path to the very edge. This beer was brewed to celebrate friendship and a love of wild places. A collaboration with Lervig Aktiebryggeri from Stavanger, Norway

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Bourbon Baby – Baby Scotch Ale

Bourbon Baby is a baby Scotch ale which we’ve gone on to age in bourbon barrels. The Scotch ale base is light bodied and low ABV, and brings toasted shortcake and blossom honey flavours; the barrel ageing adds a demonic, dark vanilla twist. Rich brown sugar, hints of smoke, spiced fruit, chocolate and raisins are just some of the multitude of flavours that have developed.
Our aim was to showcase barrel ageing in a lower ABV beer and we felt the malty scotch ale base was the perfect way to do this. The body remains light, yet there is a complexity quite unlike anything you would normally expect in a Scotch ale.

Lindemans (Leeuw-Vlezenbeek, Belgium) – Kriek Cuvée René – Lambic

Our traditional Kriek Cuvée René Grand Cru is brewed with wild yeast from the surrounding air, water, malted barley, wheat, aged flower hop flowers and selected wild cherries. Deep cherry red clear body, tart taste with a moderate sourness and an authentic cherry skin presence. No added sugar.

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – #Mashtag 2016 – Triple IPA

This is beer of the people, by the people, for the people. The concept is simple – we ask you what beer you want and you tell us. The whole thing is designed and engineered by you.
For 2016, after extensive polling and an array of candidates, the president elect was a 10.5% triple IPA. This three-headed beast was brewed with four American hops, sour cherries and oak chips. All rounded off in solidarity with a feisty fist of unity by Marty Breslin.
American hops, sour cherries and oaky warmth unite for a triple alliance. Zesty fruity notes are given a sour twist, followed by a hint of oak and alcohol warmth, all held together by a dry biscuit malty backbone. This is beer to the power of three – bitter, sweet and warming, all in perfect harmony.
#MashTag – liquid democracy.

Against The Grain (Louisville, Kentucky USA) – 35K – Milk Stout

Not your typical “Jelly of the Month Club” beer. Dark roasted malt and bittersweet cocoa and coffee flavor and aroma burst from this pitch black milk stout. The full body and sweetness are derived from the addition of lactose (aka milk sugar) which is not fermentable by beer yeast. A healthy dose of Nugget and Crystal hops provides a counterpoint to this ale’s rich and complex maltiness.

Brewdog (Aberdeenshire, Scotland) – Pardox Islay -Imperial Stout

Paradox Islay is the latest of our whisky cask aged imperial stouts to be released from its smoky, shadowy cocoon. We have kept our Paradox locked away for 178 days in Islay whisky barrels before bottling.
Roasty malt flavours of coffee and chocolate combine with smoky molasses. Spicy hop bitterness balances the malt, before layers and layers of rich, peaty Islay whisky character build to epic proportions.


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