For The Weekend Ahead

With the hustle and bustle of daily life starting to take over, I thought it necessary to take a little time out, become a vegetable and do some of the things that I enjoy doing.
Mainly gaming, beer blogging, homebrew planning and generally chilling.
With the obligatory house work and tidying thrown in for good measure.

Thankfully I have a pretty packed out build up to the weekend leading to an awesome opportunity at work early next week too.

foodCardiff International Food and Drink Festival

Firstup, our yearly food and drink festival comes back to Cardiff with a range treats. From beers to cider, meats to cheeses and much more.
Very often my wife an I try to attend on a Friday evening or Saturday morning but things very quickly pack out and it becomes next to impossible grabbing a sampler.

Our last experience included a hen party of older women holding up an entire cheese stall and using the same cocktail stick to work through all of the offerings before moving on and buying absolutely nothing. There was very little left for serious punters wanting to get in on the action.
At another stall, I nearly tripped over a pram as a mother decided to leave her child manning said pram right next a crowd of people. She was busy ignoring the safety of her own child as she gobbled as much meat as she could get her hands on.
Its amazing how ravenous and feral people can get when it comes to free samples.

This time, I’ll be popping by with some friends on Friday afternoon whilst a number of people are in work and the Welsh football homecoming event takes place.
It will be great to try out some beers from the likes of Tudor Brewery & Untapped Brewing co, Ciders from Hallets & Ty Gwyn aswell as range of cured meats, cheeses and street food.
We always buy a stack of unusual garlic from The Garlic Farm where we bought some amazing elephant garlic. This was roasted and cooked into a flavourful risotto.
I’ve allowed about £70 to come back with a decent haul.


The next few days will see me coming up with some ideas to produce a beer as part of Brewdog’s #Homebrewdog competition which sees some amazing perks for the winner.

– The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to our Ellon HQ to re-brew their beer.
– It will be launched into our online shop and as an exclusive listing in Tesco.
– Also the beer will be launched on draft across our network of UK bars.
– Our champion can host a launch event at any UK BrewDog bar (and pick the beer list).
– We will also send the victorious homebrewer a few bottles of their creation too!

I see little chance in winning but its not going to stop me coming up with something unusual that will hopefully blow their minds.
My main job now is to come with an idea, order the ingredients, get it brewed then bottled and finally delivered to Brewdog by Friday 16th September.

black IPAKit Preparation for my Hopped Up Black IPA

Next weekend I’ll be having some buddies around to sample Julys homebrew project (A Fairly British Porter) aswell as moving forward with Augusts project which will be a Hopped Up Black IPA.

You can check the original post and recipe by clicking this link.

My plan this weekend is to get all the grains together and ensure I have all the hops I need to produce something amazing.
I’m also planning on setting up a Periscope stream to anyone interested in seeing the process in action aswell as join us in our pursuit to brew beer, get drunk and enjoy loud metal music.

friscoBrains Craft Brewery Session – Frisco

I’ve finally received a schedule from the guys in the brewery and with a bit of luck next week, I’ll be supporting the Brains Craft Brewery team to brew one of their beers.

On Tuesday & Wednesday they will be brewing Frisco which looks a little bit like this :-

“A California Common brewed with San Francisco Lager Yeast and a trio of American hops; Cluster, Willamette and Chinook. This style of beer is often referred to as “steam” beer due to the relatively warm fermentation temperature.
Pale amber in colour, Frisco is fruity with hints of caramel, a crisp bitterness and a dry biscuity finish”.

I’m looking to get plenty of photos and advice to put together a bit of an article on the blog but also to help with my own brewing process.
Watch this space.

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