Mikkeller – Vesterbro Pils

pilsPilsener • 5.6% ABV • Copenhagen, Denmark


From my recent Beer52 delivery and all the way from Demark, my next beer is a regular staple at the Mikkeller bar found in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen.
Mikkeller are not one to sit back and produce the same thing time and time again.
Their aim has always been to explore existing beer styles and take things to new heights with a range of different and unusual ingredients.
They also arrange regular collaborations with the likes of Brewdog, To Øl & Evil Twin to name a few. This keeps their ideas fresh and beery inspiration at an all time high.

As house beer number one at Mikkeller central, my next beer Vesterbro Pils is described as being a hoppy pilsener with plenty of personality through the introduction of  fruity hop notes and a light maltyness along with a well-lagered character.
Lets see what its all about shall we?

Vesterbro Pils pours with a clear & crisp golden colour with a long lasting white head, even after a few sips.
The prominent element both if flavor and aroma was a distinctly floral & fruity hoppiness. This led into an persistant yet enjoyable bitterness which offered a touch of sweet maltiness.
A well carbonated beer containing more depth and body than your typical Pilsener
This was a really pleasant beverage to say the least and totally on par with what I was expecting from Mikkeller

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Vesterbro Pils.

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