Beer52 – June 2016


Saturday has been and gone quicker than you can shake a broom handle and unlike this time last month, I’m pretty god damn poor.
No, not because a majority decided to vote us ‘out’ and damage our economy temporarily, but because its the end of the month and pay day isn’t until next week.

Thankfully, Its not all doom and gloom as our postman ratta-tat tatted the door clutching a fine box of beers from Beer52 and as usual there is a fine selection of beers from around the world aswell as a cheeky snack from the guys at Graze.
There is also the new look magazine which comes complete with a range of beery articles, recipes, detailed beer notes and more.

I’m becoming quite the fan of Mikkeller thanks to the likes of Brewdog and now Beer52 supplying a couple of their mainstays. I dont think I’ve had a To Øl beer that disagrees with me either so Its nice to see a dual pick of their offerings too.
I’m particularly looking forward to “Dont Break the Oat” by CAP Brewery.

Mikkeller (Denmark) – Vesterbro Pils – Pilsener

Mikkeller Bar (Viktoriagade, Vesterbro)  house beer # 1. 
A Hoppy Pilsner, Brewed at D’Proef in Belgium.

Mikkeller (Denmark) – Vesterbro Wit – Wit Beer

Mikkeller Bar (Viktoriagade, Vesterbro)  house beer # 2. Always on tap, but available right here in a freshly tapped bottle.
A Witbier, Brewed at D’Proef in Belgium, here in a freshly tapped bottle.  

To Øl (Denmark) – My Pils – Lager

4% Session Pilsner, a beer that won one of the biggest tenders in Swedens Systembolaget on a blind tasting. Using Amarillo and Mosaic hops in balanced amounts, we created a beer with notes of citrus hops without overpowering the clean Pils malt profile you expect from the style.

To Øl (Denmark) – Baltic Frontier – IPA

This is the frontier IPA that joins together Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We thought that Juniper and seabuckthorn was plants very indigenious to our region, but after speaking with Friends in Estonia, they told they were using those same plants all the time. So we aimed at doing a crazy IPA, loaded with seabuckthorn and juniper. The junipers blend in amazingly with the resinous flavours of the hops, and the seabuckthorn provides a zesty, bitter, fruity bite that can suit any proper IPA. The result is a true frontier, making you feel like iceskating a frozen baltic ocean.

CAP Brewery (Sweden) – Dont Break the Oat – Oatmeal Stout

Thomas Bingebo?
Do You Know him?

He is the legend who taught our man mattias the ‘ins and outs’ of the British style of brewing. The key lesson here? Balance.
Some brewers act like they invented beer. Some brewers pay their Dues. At CAP we are all about option two. So here’s to you Thomas… We brewed this beer with you in mind
We hope we have made you proud.

The White Hag (Ireland) – Red Doe – Red IPA

An Irish Red ale hopped up to American IPA levels. Rich caramel and red berry fruit notes with a zesty citrus and resinous hop bite. Very well balanced, finishing malty with a bitter hop edge.

Stewart Brewing (Scotland) – Hefe

A traditional German style wheat beer. Fermented with an authentic Bavarian yeast; this is a naturally cloudy beer with aromas of cloves, banana and a touch of citrus fruit.

Rothammer (Chile) – Nazca – Session IPA

Nazca is the personification of Chilean refreshment.
It is inspired by its namesake, the Nazca tectonic plate, which creates the Andes mountain range that shapes our unique environment. Nazca has an enticing aroma of citrus and honey and a long hop finish.

Lerwick Brewery (Scotland) – Azure – Golden Ale

American and New Zealand hops give a floral aroma and elderflower taste with just the right amount of bitterness to balance out this light session ale.

Chimay (Belgium) – Gold – Belgian Ale

Brewed at the heart of Scourmont Abbey, Chimay Gold, a beer previously reserved for members of the monastic community, their guests and their colleagues, is now yours to savour, with its refreshing aromas of hops and spices.

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