A Black IPA for July

porterWith July fast approaching, Its time to start considering a recipe for my next brewday and ensure that everyone is available for more beer & brewing.

Our next brewing session will also give us an opportunity to try the recent porter project we completed in the earlier part of June.
The beer was bottled up on 25th June and needs a minimum of two weeks to complete conditioning and carbonating. I find the sweet spot is usually around the 3rd week of bottling so it looks like the next brewday will likely be on Saturday 16th July.

Here is a plan for what I’ve got planned next – Might even give this Periscope lark a go!

black IPAHopped Up Black IPA

The Black IPA will be pretty basic on the malts. Opting for the crisper and cleaner extra pale malts for the base with the addition of caramalt and dark crystal to provide a little sweetness, some toffee flavour and add to to the darker colour. Carafa I & Carafa III will be added to provide the dark colour I’m looking for, along with an espresso aromas and a chocolate\coffee flavour without being too bitter. The crispness of the beer along with the flavour of the hops need to sing here.

The hops will be purely American.
I’ll be boiling in plenty of Simcoe which acts as a great dual purpose hop giving an abundance of pine, fruit and earthiness. I’ll later dry hop with the aforementioned Simcoe as well as adding Cascade and Mosaic hops. The Cascade hops will give plenty of citrus of floral notes whilst the Mosaic will go down the tropical yet fruity route.
The IPA should be bursting with American hoppy flavour.

Finally, It will all be brought together with an American Ale yeast. I’ve been using Safale US-05 which has always offered great results at fermentation stage.

1050g Extra Pale Malt
50G Caramalt
38g Crystal Malt (Dark)
38g Carafa 3
26g Carafa 1

Hops – Start – Bittering
4g Simcoe

Hops – Middle – Flavouring
4g Simcoe

Hops – End – Flavouring
7.5g Simcoe

Dry Hop – Aroma
35g Simcoe
7.5g Cascade
7.5g Mosaic

American Ale Yeast (Safale US-05)

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