Baltic Beer Co – Viru

viruMy Next beer originates from Estonia and was brewed by Le Coq Brewery.
The beer itself comes bottled in a pretty fancy bottle which is based on a 100 year old Imperial Russian Design, based on the medieval turrets found in Estonia.
A little further delving sees Viru discontinued by its current brewer around 2006 and taken on by Baltic Beer Company around 2007 where it saw a label change, an introduction to British bars & Restaurants then onto the take home market and the world.

Viru itself is a Pilsner style lager with an ABV of 5% using deep-well spring water aswell as a selection of malts from slightly sweet to lightly toasted from Lithuania. Saaz hops apparently help to provide a subtle yet smooth finish.

I have some subtle reservations that this beer may not be an all singing, all dancing number but we’ll have ourselves a nice vase for the house if all else fails.
Lets give it a go.

Viru pours with a crisp, clear and golden colour with a nice level of carbonation which helps to offer up a small amount of foam. This fizzles out quickly but leaves a little around the edge of the glass which thankfully keeps the enticing look of the beer.
No-one wants a flat pilsner.
Both the flavour and the aroma give the gentlest hint of malt and hops. The malt flavour shifts instantly into a small amount of bitterness which fades out very quickly leaving you with little in the way of lasting or noticeable flavours.
Very easy drinking at 5%, smooth but lacking in flavour strength and body.

Although not an unpleasant beer, Viru seems to go down like air.
This in itself is probably great for those looking for something different with a decent level of alcohol to help get the party started.
Those of us looking for a taste and punch in our beers will unfortunately be sorely disappointed.
The quality is there, there is some history and the bottle is unique but Viru itself is just plain ordinary.

If you have had an opportunity to try a bottle, then tweet #biertaster and let me know what you thought of Viru.

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  1. Alex Claos says:

    Thank you for your review thestaticboy22. I have to make a small, but very important comment regarding ownership of Baltic Beer Company. We are not part of Carlsberg Group as you are suggesting (probably confusing us with Baltika Brewery in Russia). We are a small UK based company that originally imported beers from A Le Coq and eventually created a brand called Viru beer. We are slowly, but surely building this brand internationally and are planning to introduce a few less ‘mainstream’ beers in the next couple of years. Hope to read your reviews of them also.
    As a side note have a look at my new project: search Youtube for the Mixologist Beer channel. This project is new and is unrelated to Viru. Happy reviewing!


    1. Thanks for heads up Alex, I’ll make some adjustments to that part of the blog now.
      I did some research and came across a few variations on the same name including:-
      Baltika Brewery and Baltic Beverages Holding.

      A few beer review sites list Viru as being a part of Baltica Brewery which as you say are a part of Carlsberg.
      So Its pretty tricky trying to isolate the specific company.
      Mistake on my part, please accept my apologies.

      I’ll definately have a peek at your project and certainly keep an eye out for your variations.

      The problem with the lager\pilsner market is that its awash with such a massive array of varying styles that things really need to stand out.
      Viru wasn’t unpleasant in my eyes, Just wasn’t for me – More accessible for the mass market.

      Massive thanks for the response and for checking the review out.

      All the best
      Neil Kiddie


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