Brewing at Brains Craft Brewery

brainsAt a recent night out with my team at SA Brain & Co, I got chatting with my team leader about my interest in beer including the tasting that I’m dong for Bierkeller aswell as the home brewing projects I regularly undertake.
She suggested that I get in touch with our head brewer and see if there could be an opportunity to help out over at the brewery.

My day to day job revolves mainly around supporting IT and other technical issues across the managed estate, coffee houses and around head office. Although I’ve done a couple of tours, I’ve not necessarily thought about possibility of doing a shift at the brewery to see how things work on a more commercial level.

After a lot of debate on how I should approach it, I finally bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and sent an email to our head brewer who hastily responded with some good news. All being well, I’ll be spending a day within our Craft Brewery in July.
I’ve asked to be a part of the end to end process which will likely result in plenty of physical work, but the experience and advice that I’ll get from the team is going to be priceless.

There will almost certainly be an article for the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

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