Upcoming Brewday

mixed-beer-boxIn little under a week, I’ll be brewing the first of my beers which you can find a description for below aswell as the recipe that I will be trying out.

To make an event of this, I’ve invited my good friend Bob along and have ordered a fine set of beers though Flavourly as part of a promotion they weer running.
The promotion means that we’ve got 10 bottles of fine craft beer for the princly sum of £10. That’s £1 whole pound per bottle.
I’ve promised to keep the box taped up until Bob arrives so that he has the honour of revealing the Flavourly offerings. Its just so tempting though….
There will also be plenty of rock & metal tunes aswell as little gaming courtesy of Nintendo’s past consoles and maybe a little Xbox too.

Once we are done brewing and polishing out bottles off at home, the plan is to pop into Cardiff and visit the usual haunting grounds including Brewdog, Urban Tap House and dependant on timings, the newly located Gravity Station.

Pop by on the 11th June 2016 for updates or check out my social feeds from the front page for the finer details.

Fairly British PorterBlack Porter

The Porter will again be made up of extra pale malts for the base but will include plenty of dark grains. I’ll be including Dark Crystal for sweetness and colour, Amber malts which should help with the colour and impart a biscuity flavour and black malts to deepen the colour but also offer a deeply roasted and somewhat bitter flavour to the porter. Roasted barley will be used to build on the roasted flavour but should help with giving a dryer finish and oats will help to give body and help with head retention.

I’ll be using a little Fuggles to add a British feel to the porter but will also add a touch of Willamette to change things up a bit. Willamette is an American hop which pairs well with Fuggles and should be as a replacement for the traditional Goldings variety. Overall, these hops should give a floral, spicy and herbal tone to the beer both in flavour and aroma.

As with before, I’ll be using an American Ale yeast in the form of Safale US-05 to bring everything together.

760g Extra Pale Malt
62G Amber Malt
38g Crystal Malt (Dark)
26g Black Malt
62g Roast Barley
50g Oats

Hops – Start – Bittering
8g Willamette

Hops – Middle – Flavouring
4g Fuggles

Hops – End – Flavouring
4g Willamette

American Ale Yeast (Safale US-05)

3 Comments Add yours

  1. matthirst100 says:

    Nice! Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers very much! Gonna be a great brewing session and with a bit of luck a great beer. Ill keep the blog updated with progress.
      Thanks for checking it out!


  2. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to try some!!


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