Farewell to The Celt Experience

7a27e1c33985fb30abd78556706faae4_400x400On the 27th May, The Celt Experience unleashed the news that they would be stopping production of their awesome beers.

Celt Experience were responsible for kicking off my love of craft beer and introducing me to range of new flavours and styles from the Iron Age, through the Bronze and into the Golden Age.
Silures still remains my firm favourite with the Ogham range getting a special mention for general ballsyness.
It will be sad to see things slow down for them and I wish everyone at Celt all the best!

Click here for the full statement.

I’ve two amazing memories of The Celt Experience which I most certainly won’t forget in a hurry!

DSC01380The first was at Brewdog’s #Collabfest 2014 here in Cardiff.
This is where we saw the introduction of the Cardiff entry ‘Home of the Fruitcakes’.
Home of the Fruitcakes was a Strawberry & Raspberry saision with a literal ton of fruit which gave the most vibrant colour and a perfect fruit & malt combo.
It was during this session that the guys at Celt ran a competition to win tickets for the Welsh Baftas the following day. The winner needed to be wearing something that matched the colour of the beer and offer a reason why they should be chosen.
By chance, my wife was wearing a full length pink dress which met one of the criteria. We shared our love all things Celt, the Shapeshifter series at the time and how we first came across their beers. Needless to say, we won the competition and Tom handed us a pair of tickets to the Welsh Baftas.
To celebrate, we bumbled our way though a pirate shanty with the guys at Celt and proceeded to get a full house at #Collabfest.
The following day, my wife and I got dressed up to the nines, donned our best colognes and took a trip down to the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay and along the red carpet to enjoy the festivities.
A large volume of Tattinger champagne was consumed along with what seemed like infinite volumes of the Celt Ogham range. The following morning certainly wasn’t pleasant but the memories of the evening will last a life time.
We met some great people, felt really privileged to be amongst the local stars and got some great pictures to prove it.

celt craftThe second was a visit to the home of The Celt Experience in Caerphilly back in 2015 for my Stag do.
A Cowboys Vs Bowling theme was thought up where the plan would be to visit the Celt Craft Bowl, enjoy copious amounts of Celt beers and  plenty of free bowling.
After numerous beers during the earlier part of the day, we took a minibus up to Caerphilly and got pretty lost trying to find the correct unit at an industrial estate of sorts.
We eventually found a small pathway which led along the side and to the back of a unit with plenty of Celt signage. There was a concern we might not make it back alive, thank Christ we lived to tell the tale.
We turned up to find a freshly stocked bar, bowls of Walkers Sensations and a bowling alley with our names on it.
We pumped the music system with as much metal music as it could squeeze out and let the partying begin.
After a few rounds of beers and a few rounds of bowling, we were treated to a brewery tour where we were taken around the unit to check out their process, ingredients used and much more. Afterwards, we continued on with even more bowling and even more boozing.
We got away with absolute murder and had ourselves an amazing time.
Even better was the fact that all the men of the Kiddie household were together and that The Celt Experience were able to host our party.
My pockets brimming with cash, I stocked up on a box load of Celt beers and a little merchandise to take home to my then Fiancee.

It is a shame to see The Celt Experience ceasing production but it’s not all doom and gloom. They have mentioned that the branding will still remain and with a bit of luck, things could come back again.

For the time being, I’ve proceeded to place an order with them to ensure that I have supply to keep me going. With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to secure these by next week where I’ll have to be as sparing as possible to make them last.

Thanks for the memories and good luck with everything!

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