The Celt Experience – Brigid Fire

celt1The middle of the week is here and as usual, its #biertaster time. Today I’m going to try two beers from one of my all time favourite breweries based in Caerphilly here in the green, green grass of Wales.

First up will be their take on a smoked rye IPA called Brigid Fire.
Coming in at a mean 6.2%, I already know what to expect since tasting at a recent Great Welsh Beer Festival here in Cardiff. It has quickly become one of my favourites.
I was even able to persuade Paul, Manager of the Cambrian Tap in Cardiff, to bring a barrel in for the city to enjoy!

Check out Celt’s notes below then onto my review:-

A gripping spice backbone held by a piney bitterness Through eternal flames, perfection and wisdom is achieved
Brewed with oak smoked wheat and borrowed Biere de Garde yeast Dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin
Pine – Smoke – Spice

Brigid fire is a deep gold colour and being unfiltered brings with it a healthy haze. The beer holds itself really well with a good sized foamy top which stays put aswell as offering plenty of ‘lacing’.
Lacing being the way the foam the foam settles around the side of the glass which can imply glass cleanliness, quality of ingredients and level of carbonation.
From the first sniff, the dry hopped Nelson Sauvin hits you with plenty of citric and tropical fruit aromas whilst the oak smoked wheat offers a hint of smokiness without being to overpowering.
All you IPA drinkers will love the well rounded aroma which really pulls you in.
The flavour is distinctive of Celt beers. Well bittered with plenty of body and carbonation which holds the elements really well. Celt really sum the beer up well with their tasting notes.
A plethora of pine and spicy flavours hit your taste buds  as you start to devour the liquid goodness.
A dry, bitter and lightly smoked finish sticks with you for quite some time at the end which really allows you to savour the beer that much longer.

It’s safe to say that this review was always going to a be a positive one.
Not just because Celt beers hit the spot every time but because they are an eclectic & cool bunch of people. They offered my wife and I tickets to the Welsh Baftas here in Cardiff one Sunday as part of their Home of the Fruitcakes release at Brewdog’s Collabfest 2014.
Monday was not a good day….

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