Brewdog – Electric India

electric indiaA pretty exhausting and stressful couple of weeks has finally come to end with the completion of a recent menu change at work for one of our templates.
To celebrate the occasion and a successful release of the menu onto the tills today, I thought it very necessary to crack a bottle open, kick my feet up and tell you all about it.
The Beer…. Not the menu change.

I dug deep into the booze cabinet and came across two gems by Brewdog which I’ve not come across before, considering the number of visits to our regular bar in Cardiff.
Of the two I removed from the cabinet, this particular beer is something very different and dangerously morish.

First up, I give you Electric India which started life as a delightful 7.2%ABV and through each release has reduced until we reach the 2015 new label version which a is easier going 5.2%
Probably a good thing because this beer has gone down far too quick already.

Here is Brewdog’s piece on this nutter of a beer :-

One day. One brewery. Seven thousand co-creators. Two hundred brewers. The result? Electric India. This beer is the bastard love child of the craft beer revolution.
An unholy union between a Belgian Saison and an India Pale Ale; democratically brewed by our very own Equity for Punks shareholders.
Electric India is a hoppy saison brewed with fresh orange peel, lashings of heather honey, crushed black pepper corns and enthusiastically hopped with mountains of amarillo and nelson sauvin.
A beer for the people, by the people direct from the craft beer republic of BrewDog.

Electric India is God damn lively beer  which results in a head forcing its way up the glass in a controllable but menacing way. Much like the “Mood Slime” in Ghostbusters 2 but without all the shouting and spooky after effects.
The Saison side of the beer offers plenty of carbonation, fruity yet sweet aromas and a touch of haziness whilst the IPA side of the beer provides plenty of hopped up citrus and tropical notes.
Honey and orange were really prominent.
The beer itself is ultra refreshing and goes down nicely. You’re initially hit with the citric and fruity flavours and led into a smoother Belgian ester flavour which tailors off at the end with a very subtle hoppy bitterness.

A crisp, light, dry, refreshing and outstanding beer in my opinion. It will have you begging for more when the midday sun is permeating your pores.

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