Brewdog – Dogma

dogmaNext on the post menu celebratory agenda is something darker, richer and fuller.
This time I’ll be trying Dogma which clocks in at a much meatier 7.4%ABV and certainly feels it when compared with Electric India.

Brewdog offer these tasty notes for Dogma:-

Brewed with ten different types of malt, and blended together with Scottish heather honey, it is a pantheon to the gods of intricacy and nuance; a beer that celebrates a confluence of ideas. History is written by the victors, and Dogma is Scotch Ale triumphant; evolved. 
Complex, indulgent and encapsulating, Dogma gives more than a cursory nod to history, to make you ponder the very nature of beer itself.

With the cap cracked and the bottle poured, the glass filled with a rich and dark beer which gave a small but lasting tan head. It just sits there, waiting to be devoured.
Dogma delivers a complex aroma, which includes elements of roast coffee, subtle chocolate, rye,  honey and spice.
The flavour was the biggest surprise. Just by letting the beer rest on the taste buds for a moment, I was hit by a powerful liquorice flavour which moved onto  coffee mocha and ended with a sweet bitterness.
Dogma even presented a little warmth on the way down the gullet.

Simply put, complex is the word for this beer.
Dogma is big on flavour and varied in aroma. Its one of those beers where both the flavour and aroma develops as the temperature rises.
The subtleties start to become more prominent, each mouthful and sniff offers something totally different.

One for lovers of Liquorice allsorts!

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