Brewfist & To Øl – Space Frontier

space frontierYou may have noticed things have been a little quieter on here in recent weeks – This won’t be the case for long, I promise you!
I’ve been busy preparing a few pieces for the release of my upcoming blog through Bierkeller and need to make sure there are enough exclusives for the release date.
Once the website is live, the reviews can start being shared with Hop Pilot which will allow me to offer even more regular reviews and articles. Nearly there!

Lets kick things off with Space Frontier then shall we?
A collaboration IPA project with Italian brewery Brewfist and To Øl from Denmark coming in at a nice 6.5%ABV.
Part of my Beer52 collection from last month and through the magic of Google translate, comes with the following description through Brewfist :-

– Here lunar module Brewfist … can you hear me ? STEP – We hear you loud and clear! 
– We ask permission to return … L4103 Protocol operational!
– Here the basic control tower ground Brewfist … permission granted ! OVER AND OUT

This brief dialogue with the lunar module before the Space Frontier return …
probably it took was a simple ” beer is good , here we come! ” ,
But you already know that we like to do things big ! 😉

India Pale Ale in collaboration with To Øl from Denmark

Packed with tropical and citrus flavours, Space Frontier is a clean, refreshing and powerful IPA.
The beer itself is light golden in colour with somewhat of a haze and in my case a little sediment which rather than settling at the bottom, stabilized throughout the beer.
This doesn’t detract from the beer which offers copious amounts of Citra & Mosaic hops as well as grape must which helps to kick those fruity, floral, herby & grapefruit flavours into overload.
Its fruity, delicious and out of this world!


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