Celt Experience – Ogham Willow

20160420_203355The midweek has finally reached us. With the mixture of blue skies and burning sun, It’s no wonder that I ended up cracking a bottle open. Even after a hefty but beautiful meal at The Dock here in Cardiff Bay the night before.

Thankfully I’d put a cheeky bottle in the fridge some time ago. As time went by, the bottle moved further and further back into the fridge until I’d nearly forgotten about it.
Thankfully, a clean out session resulted in this little number popping back into existence and into its deserved place.

Today, I give you Celt Experience’s – Ogham Willow.
At 8.8% volume exactly according to the bottle, this IPA is gonna be a powerful number.
Lets take a look at their notes :-

Ogham Willow Magestic IPA 8.8%
95 IBUs American Yeast, Big World Hops and Euro malt

Willow is instrumental in spawning spiritual visions, engendering a clearer understanding of the world in which we live.
A Big beer.
A Magic craft..
Yes Magestic, not just majestic
Created with percolating, infusing and dry hopping with potent US hops, but allowing balance through deep bodied British malts and cultivating a smooth citrus backbone from Eastern European hops.

With the lid cracked and the bottle poised, the glass quickly filled with a beer light amber colour, a touch of haze and offered a small relaxed head of whiteness. Though the dry hopping, you get plenty tropical and citrus notes along with subtle malt notes lingering in the back there.
I’ve always respected Celt for producing beers which pack powerful flavours and Willow is no exception.
From the first mouthful, you are hit with a powerful floral and citric hops which move very quickly into a sweet toffee malt flavour. A deep and lasting bitterness takes over and leaves you with a warming sensation as the beer goes down. A sensation not to dissimilar to some of those cask aged whisky beers and Willow hasn’t even gone through that process.
Although pretty complex and powerful, Willow is the most accessible option of the Ogham range in terms of flavour and actually my favourite of the bunch.
Celt as usual have produced something special here as part of the Ogham range.

These were available at Gravity Station once upon a time. This one was bought direct from their brewery during my Stag party late last year.
You might need to keep your eyes peeled to be in with a chance to try out Ogham Willow.

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