Moor Beer Company – Nor’Hop

20160413_201339After a pretty tough day of menu changes and meetings, I figure now would be a great time to get a craft or two in. Not forgetting the fact that its also Wednesday and the weather has been pretty spectacular. Nothing better than a little warm sun action.

My first number was delivered by the guys at Beer52 and brewed by the guys at Moor Beer Company in Bristol. It’s an ultra pale ale known as Nor’Hop.
Here is their bit on the beer in question:-

This ultra-pale ale is brewed with a limited availability hop from America to impart a pronounced floral and citric quality to the beer, with honey and elderflower in the nose.  This beer had been so anticipated that in less than two weeks of release it had won a beer festival and sold out.  Not wanting to disappoint its many fans, we have rebrewed it and added it to our list of permanent beers where it continues to be the benchmark for the style around the world.

This beer came in the form of a can which Moor explained offers the benefit of 100% sealing action.
The beer poured with an almost pale straw colour with a touch of haze and plenty of carbonation produced a good sized head. With the later hops added, Nor’Hop gives a vibrant pine and floral aroma which translates into a smoother more subtle citrus flavour with a nice bitterness at the very end.
It’s a powerful yet tasty number to kick things off.

I had a chance to visit the brewery last weekend with the wife and we were lucky enough to get a personalized tour. We learnt a lot about their brewing process and techniques aswell as trying some Moor awesome beers! More to come on that visit later.


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