Black Isle Brewery – Goldfinch

20160413_220849Last beer of the evening and I’ll be finishing with a Black Isle Brewery number called Goldfinch which gives a gentle 3.5% ABV.
This beer has the benefit of being gluten free which a number of breweries are quickly moving into producing. We’ve already got Brewdog’s – Vagabond Pale Ale, Monty’s – Masquerade and I’m seeing Estrella Damm’s – Daura popping up in more places.
Goldfinch has the additional bonus of being Organic and comes with the following tasting notes :-

This refreshing IPA produces a bold, hop forward aroma on the nose and delivers tropical, juicy flavour on the palate. A beer that belies its low abv! Furthermore…. its Gluten Free! Rejoice.

A golden beer in colour, Goldfinch pours with enough energy to produce a thin white head with a hopped up aroma.
This sessionable beer offers plenty of tropical, passion fruit flavours and goes down with ease. It really makes you wonder why more beers aren’t gluten free. Especially as Goldfinch has enough body to take on some of the more traditionally brewed IPAs.
This is one for the summer and would be best enjoyed in the garden with your shades on, the tunes blasting and the bbq coals popping away!

On another note, It’s worth mentioning the label on this beer. It has a premium and textured feel in all the dark sections aswell as a smooth and glossy goldfinch logo. The subtle ridged edge at the top is nice too.
Great attention to detail from the bottle to the beer!


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