Moor Beer Company – Claudia

20160405_215433With the fairly quiet #craftbrewhour coming to an end and my Jakehead fully devoured, I figured it was time to move onto something a bit different. Moor Beer Co are single handedly responsible for getting me into beers in a big way. In particular, it was the power of Hoppiness that converted me into the craft beer drinker I am today. Thanks guys!

I’ll be checking out one of their sharing bottles called Claudia which I picked up from Gravity Station too. Here are is their bit on the beer:-

Our hoppy wheat ale. Claudia will seduce you. Californian in her hoppy brashness. British in her infinite drinkability. Germanic in her perfumed aroma and beautiful blonde, cloudy appearance. Have her in your favourite beer garden, or all to yourself at home.
Wheat, drink and be merry.

This time, we’re looking at a golden coloured hefeweizen with a touch of intentional clouding. It has a traditional but very subtle wheat aroma which leads into a tart hoppiness. Plenty of carbonation which leads to a lasting head. In terms of flavour, you drift very quickly from the wheat, to the aromatic\floral hops into a gentle bitterness. You’ve gotta hand it to Moor, The flavours are really well balanced here!
Claudia is a really pleasant take on a traditional style and gives an easy drinking yet sessionable brewskie.


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