Beer52 – April











The new month brings with it a new batch of beers and an unusual new snack thanks to Beer52.
Here are the latest offerings as well as the commercial tasting notes where available.
Check back soon for my personal beery feelings towards this selection.

Snack-wise, I’ve had the Sea weed thins on a previous occasion through Beer52. They are essentially thin slivers of seaweed which are supposed to be high in mineral & vitamin content.
In terms of texture, they are like those Wrigleys Ice Strips we used to get in the UK. Kind of a glassy material that melts on the tongue with a seaweed saltiness.
Surprisingly, they work really well as a snack with beers but are an acquired taste. My wife can’t stand them

From the snack to the beers :-

Wiper and True & Beer52 – Citrus and Sevens

Hand grated lemon zest is augmented by a hop combination that neatly walks the tightrope between sharp and sweet. The citrus core has additional notes or sherbet, lime and gentle spice.

Brewdog – Harcore IPA

Pounding a triple payload of the biggest North American hops humanity has devised, braced by a backbone of caramel malt, this beer is deep, astringent and resinous, pushing to the extremes of lupulin threshold.
There’s nothing inscrutable going on; no mystery in the backstory. It doesn’t seek to be understood. A beer incapable of empathy; only hop overload.The very personification of amplified, Hardcore is an inveterate firebrand – asking nor giving quarter when it comes to the endgame; the relentless glory of hops.

Fourpure – Beartooth

An American Brown Ale.
No commercial notes at this time.

Fullers – Frontier

Frontier is hand-crafted over 42 days combining the best of old world malts and 168 years of brewing knowledge with new world brewing techniques and hops. The blend of powerful new world hops and the distinctive Fuller’s yeast that is brewed at a higher temperature allows a deeper and more robust flavour to flood out. The brew is then carefully lagered for five weeks to fully condition the beer and give it the full and interesting flavour that differentiates it from its peers. Allowing the flavour to develop over time, Frontier is unpasteurised yet filtered to deliver the clarity our consumers have asked for. These factors combined deliver the unique taste of Frontier.
The result is a memorable beer with citrus and spicy notes, a light fizzy body and a clean refreshing taste.

Brewfist & To-0L – Space Frontier

(Italian to English translation)

Malts : Pilsner , Oat malt , Grape must
Hops : Citra , Mosaic
Here lunar module Brewfist … can you hear me ? STEP – We hear you loud and clear ! PASSAGE – We ask permission to return … L4103 Protocol operational ! PASSAGE – Here the basic control tower ground Brewfist … permission granted ! OVER AND OUT This brief dialogue with the lunar module before the Space Frontier return … probably it took was a simple ” beer is good , here we come! ” , But you already know that we like to do things big ! 😉 India Pale Ale in collaboration with To Øl from Denmark

Black Isle Brewery – Goldfinch

A Gluten Free Pale Ale.
No commercial notes at this time.

Tempest – Elemental

The worker’s friend, our London style porter is classically smooth and roasty. A robust river bank beer using locallymilled oats for a velvety texture, with spicy hops on the finish. This 7 malt porter makes for welcome refreshment in hotels, train stations and shipyards the world over.

Moor Beer Company – Nor’Hop

Ultra-pale, ultra hoppy, ultra sexy, ultra modern golden ale showcasing Northern Hemisphere hops to impart a pronounced floral and citric quality to the beer, with honey and elderflower in the nose. This beer had been so anticipated that in less than two weeks of release it had won a beer festival and sold out. Not wanting to disappoint its many fans, we have rebrewed it and keep it on permanently.

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