Rogue – 4 Hop IPA

DSC03208Next Up, I’m going Rogue and trying out a 4 Hop IPA.
Another beer courtesy of Beer52 which has been brought in from America. Us Beer52 subscribers are lucky enough to be among the first to try it in the UK.

Keeping it simple, Rogue offer these easy tasting notes :-

Crafted with 4 Hops Grown at Rogue Farms.

This is god damn hoppy god damn it!
4 Hop IPA pours with a beautifully clear, amber colour and gives a good level of carbonation that doesn’t result in a monster head like some of my recent Pales.
Flavour wise, It’s and explosion of piney, citrus & grapefruit mixed with a big zesty, citrus aroma – very well balanced leading to a bitter dry hit which quickly dissipates leaving a pleasant be all and end all.

This literally is an IPA to remember and one us UK beer drinkers are going to drink by the bucket load!

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