Fuller’s – Black Cab Stout

It’s Sunday and a good wedge of house work is done. This means that I can finally settle down with a little Xbox and crack open a couple of cold ones.DSC03206
As part of my recent delivery from Beer52, I’ll firstly be getting my taste buds wrapped around Fuller’s Black Cab Stout.
It comes in one of those dinky little cans that are becoming more prominent these days.

What do Fullers say about their dark number:-

Brewed with the knowledge of London’s oldest family brewer, Fuller’s Black Cab is a rich, dark stout that transports you to a time gone by. London was famous for stouts in the 19th century – and we’re on a journey to make that the case again.

Black Cab Stout pours with a deep and dark colour, giving a gentle amount of heady goodness.
It offers less of a coffee roast aroma, opting for a smooth chocolate maltyness. This doesn’t match in the flavour of the beer, where it goes more down the subtle and smooth route leading into a lasting bitterness at the end.
A lot of people are right in saying that the they aren’t expecting the flavour when compared with the aroma.
It’s a pleasant beer but not mind blowing in comparison to recent stouts I’ve enjoyed from the last week.

Goes down with ease though and in the end, isn’t that what matters?

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