Homebrew Project – Traditional Bitter – Kegged

DSC03203A few weeks back, I started a project where I would brew a pretty straight forward beer. Rather then bottling things as per my normal process, I would try cleaning and reusing a 5 litre keg.

Having already consumed a HobGoblin mini keg, I already had everything I needed as the seals and extra parts are all perfectly reusable. You just need a little care in removing the additional parts as well as plenty of sanitising and cleaning.
I took some advice from this homebrewtalk.com post and tried it out.

Here is the recipe I used to produce 1 galon of bitter (Roughly 4 litres) :-

920g Maris Otter malts
440g Crystal malts
18g East Kent Golding Hops
English Ale Yeast

With the beer brewed and the keg fully cleaned\sanitised, I syphoned the beer into the keg, added 4 teaspoons of sugar then sealed the bad boy up. I gave it a shake just to mix the sugar and there it sat for about 3 weeks at room temperature.
This morning, the keg was put in the fridge to get things nice and cool for this afternoon.

I think we are onto a winner with this keg. I’m pretty satisfied with the finished result be it maybe a few tweaks needed in the bitter recipe for keg use.

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I started by releasing the pressure in the top by turning the dial. There was plenty of gas in the keg so this took about 15 seconds to eventually settle down.
Then I pulled the tap component outwards at the base of the keg. With the glass poised, I turned the tap and the pressure forced the beer out perfectly.
At first it didn’t look like there was much carbonation but as the glass quickly filled up, a small head formed. Thankfully it wasn’t flat and off.

Based on the recipe above, I’ve ended up with crisp and clear bitter which offers an abundance of caramelised flavour and leads into light bitterness at the end.
Nothing unpleasant and a job well done.

Based on this outcome, I’ll be sure to try out more kegging as it saves on the need for all those bottles and is far easier to store.
The only adjustment I will make is to add another teaspoon of sugar to help with carbonation.

If you want to try it yourself, dont forget to check out homebrewtalk.com

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