O’hara’s – Leann Follain

Now onto the reason for cracking a beer open in the first place.DSC03198
Thanks St Patrick for offering those of us who aren’t in the know the reason to drink a school night and feel no regret! No regret at all.

I’ll be tucking into another bottle from Beer52. This is the Irish and damn proud of it O’hara’s with Leann Follain (Wholesome Stout).
It’s an extra Irish stout and comes with the following descriptor:-

Laden with complex chocolate and coffee flavours, balanced by a robust bitterness and delicate spicy aroma, O’Hara’s Leann Follain is a full bodied extra Irish stout. 14.5°

Leann Follain gives a smooth coffee mocha aroma and pours black as my soul with a light and gentle brown head.
It’s a rich stout with plenty of body and plenty of depth. Hops & bitterness are kept to a minimum so you get a smooth chocolate flavour with a touch of vanilla. This is stout at it’s finest and the perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s day if you want something a more premium than Guinness.

Leann Follain, you are a god forsaken keeper!

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