Fourpure Brewing Co – Northern Latitude (Winter Ale)

Wel, It’s St Patrick’s day and the perfect excuse to get a beer or two on the go. DSC03197
Whilst an Irish number cools down in the fridge, I thought I’d crack open a can of Northern Lattitude (Winter Ale) by a brewery that’s quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine. This is all thanks to Beer52 sending copious amounts of their brewskies by post!
If you get a chance, try their Pils – You wont be disappointed.

What is Northern Lattitude then? Fourpure offer the following on this beer:-

Northern Latitude is our Scandinavian inspired hoppy red ale brewed with rye malt and brown sugar for the Winter holiday season.

The first thing I’ve noticed with this beer is that it has a powerful aroma. It takes little movement to fill the room with a zesty hoppy fragrance mixed with a sweet malts – There is a hint of Twiglet in there somewhere. That will likely be the Rye!
The flavour is also balanced well by these two elements. A full bodied fruitiness hits you in the beginning and leads into a malty sweetness. Finally you are left with bitterness of the rye (Which still reminds me of Twiglets).
There is a complex range of flavours but Fourpure have yet again used their magic to balance everything out into a well produced and balanced beer.
Ideal for the cold weather which is still god damn prominent at the moment.

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  1. mitmat41 says:

    I love twiglets so this sounds bang on the money.


    1. Definitely recommend this number. It’s subtle on the twiglets and big on the complex flavours.


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