Weird Beard Brew Co – Black Perle

DSC03196Another bottle from Gravity Station but this time a purchase of my very own last Friday.
This time its Black Perle from Weird Beard Brew Co. This bottle balanced out the range of IPAs and lighter beers that were bought alongside it.
I haven’t tried many Weird Beards but have always had good experience with those I’ve come across.

Weird Beard offer this little notation about the beer:-

If pirates were less inclined to rum, this is what they’d drink for breakfast. Espresso coffee (that’d be the Zamorana coffee beans!), bready malt and bitter chocolate come together with smooth caramel making this a rich yet not overpowering milk stout.

Confession time….

I’ve had this little number at the Cambrian Tap in Cardiff before. On that occasion it was on tap rather than by the bottle and it was hell of a beer.
With a little luck, the bottle would be as much of a treat, if not better.

This time we are looking at a rich, dark and sexy beer with a 3.8% ABV.
Plenty of roasted malts, hops and coffee beans offer the perfect alternative to a mid morning coffee – No excuse needed here to start early.
Cappuccino lovers will love the balance of sweetness with the coffee roast flavour. Just take it easy on the pour as this one is a lively blighter.
The milk sugar (Lactose) also adds plenty of body and a touch of sweetness to the beer.
This is one of my favourite milk stouts and manages to mix my love of a good coffee with my love of a good dark beer.

Weird Beard, you done good!


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