The Waen Brewery – Target Practice

Direct from Gravity Station here in Cardiff, I secured a bottle of Target Practice from The Waen Brewery.DSC03194
This was actually bought as a gift back in December for Secret Santa and I’d actually forgotten that out of 4 bottles, this one was still in my beer cupboard.

The description on the label reads:-

IPA dry hopped with Target hops

It’s a light tasting 5.6% ABV with a clean, crisp and dry flavour. The beer itself pours with plenty of energy, filling the glass with plenty of bubbles even with a careful angular pour. Although very light in colour, it has plenty of body and dry bitter kick. This leads into an almost floral\aromatic flavour which lingers for some time. Others have likened the flavour to the likes of a soapy, citrus flavour.

Personally, I quite like the flavour. I’ve always been a fan of beers where the strength of the bittering hops kicks you square in the nards, and this one is no exception. This would be a great replacement for the likes of Celt Golden which takes the bittering power to a new level.

Good job Waen!


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