A Triple Set of Beers – 23/02/2016

Gypsy Inc – Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem is a fresh IPA with a light malt base and a strong fruity hop character. The America hops offer a bright taste that fives you a complex yet very drink experience. Drink up and Enjoy.

Brouwerij F. Boon – Kriek Boon

Kriek Boon is a traditional Belgian Lambic fruit-beer. It is brewed according to the traditional Lambic style of spontaneous fermentation. Only fresh cherries (25%) are used. Kriek Boon is slightly sweet, with the surprising natural fragrance of sourcherries and almonds. With only 4% of alcohol it is a perfect summer beer.

‘T Gaverhopke – Spring Tipple

Label designed by White Pony’s Roberto Orano.

Comments direct from the Brewery :-

“Please note that Spring tipple is not by us, except the label design:) as the brewery that brewed it changed the recipe and made it a gusher. So be careful when you will open it
it’s not a great tripel for us:) but taste it! The brewery, where we brewed this beers, forgot to buy the right ingredients. In the end we never sold this beer, they just made profit with it, we didn’t. For us quality is too important. We design our beers with devotion and passion, unfortunately, not all brew with our attitude. This tripel was supposed to be dry and balanced, but as you will taste, there are lot of banana sweet esters, and be careful when you open it”.

Hidden Gem packed a punch with It’s mixture of deep fruity flavours along with a tangy bitterness that follows shortly after.
It poured with plenty of energy giving a hefty head with a full copper colour. Although a cloudy, it still managed to taste clean and crisp.
I really liked this one though it doesn’t seem to rate so highly with other people. This seemingly coming from an inconsistency in the fullness\flavour of the beer? On this occasion, I got lucky and would definitely go for more. At 6.2%

With a slightly lower volume than the usual 330ml bottles, Kriek Boon gives a offers 250ml of 4% cherry cola delight.
The sweetness in the beer balances really well with the sharp and tangy cherry flavour making it one of the most drinkable fruit beers I’ve had.
I’m a red person so seeing the intense red colour was cool. Even managed to form plenty of pink bubbles on top as a result.
I was really sceptical about this one and kept pushing it aside in favour of more traditional flavours. I’m glad I bit the bullet as I’m a huge fan of cherry cola and the flavour is pretty damn close.

Last up was the Spring Tipple which I had major concerns with after buying from an established bottle shop. I posted the beers on Instagram and the brewery got in touch to warn me that the people they worked with on this didn’t follow the recipe, used the label anyway and sold the beer for profit. This left the brewery themselves in an awkward position.
Well, I tried opening the bottle and the amount of energy meant that I had to bide my time to release the pressure. It actually took me 15 minutes in total. Even then I ran out of patience, popped the top and started pouring into the glass. There was a little waste but I managed to get about 80% into the glass.
What can I say to begin…. It is a god-damn lively one which requires plenty of care when pouring. The beer itself is cloudy and pungent with a dark amber colour. Plenty of chunks floating around as it was unavoidable to pour whilst leaving the sediment in the bottle.
It offers a Belgian inspired flavour with far too much in the way of Banana esters as described in the comments. the fullness and yeastiness does very little to make it an enjoyable brew. #Fail

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