Beer & Tunes session, #Brewday Preparation and The Beer Taster

carlsbergBeer & Tunes Session

Its Saturday, Its cold and its god damn pouring it down out there.
Certainly a good job that I’ve planned to get some buddies down for an evening of lager, heavy music videos and pizza.

A very long time has passed since I’ve had a session like this and with some good friends that appreciate the same styles and ideals as us. Means we can rock out all night with no worries of putting an awkward song or video on that requires debate or discussion.
It’s always great to share my favourite bands whilst discovering some new ones too.
I always find it easier to drink something lighter like Carlsberg on a night like this rather than drinking heavy ales or blowing money on quality ales which are only going to be knocked back and in essence not really savoured.

Everyone arrives and things kick off at 6PM this evening, so I’ve barely an hour to and am pretty damn excited.

Bring it on!

Wyeast-beer-yeast-Home-Brew-Supplies-UK#Brewday Preparation

With copious amount of Carlsberg in my system from the night before, I thought it best to get the kit ready for tomorrow in advance.
This means weighing out a few grains, getting all the equipment in an easily accessible place and generally making life easier for me Sunday.

This Weekend I’m looking to produce an Irish red beer. This beer will be made up of my usual Maris Otter base malts but added a quantity of Cara-malt for sweetness, Cara-red for a rich red colour and Roast Barley which will help with the red colour but add a little bitter, Dryness and body to the finished beer.
Keeping it British, I’ll be using a quantity of East Kent Goldings & Fuggles which will ensure plenty of aroma without over bittering the beer too much.
The yeast is a bit of an anomaly to me as I’ve never used a Wyeast package before. The way It’s packaged means popping and inner package to release some nutrients and the package will expand over time. Once fully expanded I’ll need to use a quantity resulting liquid whilst the rest can be refrigerated and stored for up to a week.
The Irish Moss will help to clarify the beer and isn’t really a necessity in smaller quantities of beers as it promote the flavour.
I bought it recently and haven’t really used it so figured I’ll experiment here – I mean it has “Irish” in the name, so why not…..?

You can find the recipe I’ll be trying below. Be sure to check back later tomorrow to see how #Brewday went.

Irish Red

715g Maris Otter
230g Cara-malt
230g Cara-red
60g Roast Barley
6g East Kent Goldings (Hops)
6g Fuggles (Hops)
1/4 tsp Irish Moss
Irish Yeast (Wyeast 1084 – Irish Ale)

The Beer Taster

Earlier in the week, it was announced through Bierkeller Cardiff that I’ll be doing some beer tasting for them.
According to Wales Online, The idea is that I will be able to try a wide variety of beers, ales and porters, from across the site including 160 bottles of beer and 88 draught lines which will include plenty of local and foreign breweries.
The plan is for me to write a short beer review to be used on their website and across across a range of social media channels, which will be an amazing learning curve and hopefully allow me to meet lots of awesome people whilst enjoying something that is a huge passion of mine…… BEER!
I’ll keep you posted on how things go here too. The role is still in planning stages at the moment.

Here was my application via twitter :-


I’m suitably pumped and ready for some rockin’ tunes so I’ll leave you with the energetic and very cool Frank Carter & The RattleSnakes.
If you liked Gallows and love good old London Punk infused with distortion, then you’ll love these guys.

Check them out below, with their song “Trouble”.

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