An Abundance of New Ingredients


January has been and gone. THis month brought with it a selection of fine and dark beers including my Black IPA, an Oatmeal Stout and another attempt at perfecting my Vanilla Porter.

1343685850bombbagsFebruary has arrived and so have a new selection of ingredients from The Home Brew Hop Shop.
A fine array of grains have been received including Maris Otter, Dark & Light Crystal and Cara Red. I’ve also arranged for some more East Kent Goldings Hops and some new yeasts for my upcoming brews.
Interestingly, I’ve opted for a more expensive Wyeast which comes with an activator smack pack. This activator provides nutrients to the liquid already in the package which then expands ready for brewing.
Much like those Bomb Bags you got from the corner shop but hopefully without the mess.

So what am I going to do with this new ingredients you ask?
I’m going to produce 2 new recipes and experiment with the third. Take a look :-

Nut Brown

680g Marris Otter
90g Medium Crystal
90g Dark Crystal
10g Roast Barley
9g East Kent Goldings (Hops)
3 x Chestnuts
Dry Ale Yeast (Safale S04)

Irish Red

715g Maris Otter
230g Cara-malt
230g Cara-red
60g Roast Barley
6g East Kent Goldings (Hops)
6g Fuggles (Hops)
1/4 tsp Irish Moss
Irish Yeast (Wyeast 1084 – Irish Ale)


920g Marris Otter
440g Medium Crystal
18g East Kent Goldings (Hops)
Dry Ale Yeast (Safale S04)

hobThe Nut Brown beer and the Irish Red Ale are to be experiments in themselves as I’ve not produced these before.
The bitter however is a tried and tested recipe with amazing results. The feedback from friends, family and workmates is really high.
The experiment here is to brew the bitter following my normal process and use a 5 litre mini keg rather than bottles to condition the beer ready for drinking.
I’ve got a HobGoblin one which cost me £10 due to coming close to it’s best before date, drank the contents and cleaned thoroughly.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be able to provide tasting notes from January’s beers as well as decide whether the recipe is good enough to log here on Hop Pilot or whether it needs a little more refining.
The Black IPA is bottled and needs a couple of weeks. The Oatmeal Stout will be bottled on Monday 8th February and the Vanilla Porter bottled the weekend after.

Now back to enjoying some more tasty Beers (I’m enjoying some Rev James Gold & Brains Black) whilst taken on some buggers in Battlefield and packing some tunes in.

This afternoon, I’ve been trying out some Swallow the Sun with there triptych album “Songs of the North”. Here is one of their songs if you like Gothic, Doom or death metal with a range of distinct styles.


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