#Brewday – Oatmeal Stout

Another Sunday is finally and It’s as cold and damp as the last.20160124_093714
In the background I thought I’d go for some more symphonic metal in the form of Within Temptation.
These bands have been going for so long that there is always enough to cover the whole brewing process.
Thing kick off with their 1997 album ‘Enter’ which has some catchy numbers but has a more doomy style to it when compared with their modern sound. Next up was ‘Mother Earth’ from 2000 which carried me through university.
Things take a jump and get more upbeat and pumped by this point. Onto ‘The Heart of Everything’, their 2007 album.

During the brewing of this, I had to deal with a Washing Machine fault and replacement issue which took the Sunday brewing rhythm away. Things were still successful be it that I had a few cranky moments. God damn utilities!
Onto the task ahead then.

The recipe for this stout has had a couple of changes to ensure that there are plenty of malts and ingredients to offer something to the beer.

720g Marris Otter
90g Crystal
90g Flaked Barley
90g Oats
45g Black
45g Chocolate
45g Torrified Wheat
6g Chinook Hops
6g Fuggles Hops
US West Coast Yeast (Mangrove Jacks M44)

20160124_113752I’ve added my primary grain of Marris Otter which you will find in most of my beers. Crystal malts will add a sweetness, Chocolate Malts will add a roast\chocolate flavour whilst oats will give the beer some body and texture.
I want there to be a good head and for it to last. As a result, I’ve added Flaked Barley and Torrified Wheat to ensure it gets up there and stays there.
Black malts will add some bitterness but give the rich black colour I’m looking for in the stout.
In terms of hops, I’ll be adding a light quantity of chinkook and fuggles as I want the grains to predominantly tell the story in the is beer.
The yeast is a bit of a wild card as it was one that was I had left over. It’s s US West Coast yeast (Mangrove Jack M44) which is suitable for American style ales which are looking for a clean & crisp flavour. It is suitable for a certain variety of stouts so lets see what happens.

The grains were added to the water and very quickly a dark colour formed. At point the wort had a smooth, subtle and sweet flavour.
I went through the usual sparging process which was surprisingly easy. The surfaces were left cleaner and dryer than they’ve ever been!

20160124_112452The pan was put onto the boil and the hops were measured out ready.
Once the pan reached it’s boiling point, I brought the temperature down to a rolling boil and added the 6g of Chinook hops and the 60 minute timer was set. The 6g of Fuggles were added with 15 minutes left on the timer.
After the full hour I tried out the finished wort and got a deep roast flavour from the grains whilst there was also a hint of hoppy aroma and bitterness.
This should warm the cockles!

With the boil finished, I just needed to cool the brew down to around 20 degrees in an ice bath then the yeast can be added.
Due to being a 1 gallon batch, I’m only adding around three quarters of the yeast. If there isn’t much activity then the rest can be added the following day. The airlock is half filled with sanitized water, a bung is attached and the demijohn is 20160124_125848sealed ready for fermentation.

Check back tomorrow for an update on how things are looking.

Now to kick some more gigabutt on Halo!

UntitledUpdate 1 – 25/01/2016

It’s the very next day and the yeast is nibbling on those worty sugars.
It started a little slower than the Black IPA last weekend, but this morning Its looking as full and healthy.

The Black IPA is still gently fermenting so may need a few more days before bottling.


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