A Waen Brewery Triple – 20/01/2016

IMG_20160120_192244Waen Brewery Triple

Being Mid week, I thought that now would be a good time to get a few more tasty beers in. Through a secret santa at work, I was pleased to receive a package of four beers from Waen Brewery who sell their beers through a couple of Gravity Station venues in and around Wales.

As usual, here as some taster notes and my thoughts on the variety on offer today.
Join me wont you?

Chilli Plum Porter

A dark velvety porter with Luscious plum flavours and a chilli warmth.

Sailor Man

Brewed with spinach in the boil and fragrant hops

Rough Rider

Shortcake malt flavours balanced with bitterness. Hoppy bite, enjoy the ride.

I kicked things off with the original and still the best Chilli Plum porter.  A dark and rich beer with chocolate notes and a full, sweet fruity flavour.
The chilli kick is just enough to add a new dimension without blowing your socks off.
I was really unsure about trying Sailor Man and in a way, my concerns were pretty much right. The beer poured with a strange green to brown colour and offered an even stranger earthy aroma – not much in the way of hops. My taste buds didn’t get on with this brew at all with it’s almost earthy and iron rich flavour. It wasn’t unpleasant but though I like my beers different, Waen took this one to a level it maybe didn’t need to go.
Rough Rider ended things back on a high. Plenty of energy with all the hops and bitterness you can image. A mixture of biscuity aroma and biscuity flavour take this beer to the next level! Really hits the spot and is pretty damn refreshing.

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