A Panther Triple – 16/01/2016

beersPanther Ales Triple

Christmas has been and gone but some of the gifts remained in my beer cupboard until that perfect moment.
Well, god-damn it, today was that perfect moment.
I decided to give my family Secret Santa offering a try along with some pulled pork tacos.

I tried out three beers from Panther Brewery. A micro brewery based in Norfolk, UK who offer a range of bottle\cask conditioned beers with what they say is a modern and full flavour.
As usual, the tasting notes from Panther directly are below.

Lest give things a blast then shall we?

Pink Panther

This pink ale has a range of fruit flavours and aromas. This wheat beer is refreshingly balanced with a bittersweet fruity finish.

Honey Panther

Delicately Balanced with a touch of sweetness, it is a distinctive honey infused golden ale with a wild flower character

Festive Panther

A dark ale brewed especially for the festive season. A rich, smooth and full flavoured ale. The addition of mulled spice adds a warm aromatic flavour.

My wife and I tried all three. Although it started a little risky, with each bottle opening the results got better and better.
I started with the Pink Panther beer which had the traditional wheat beer look about it and gave an awesome fruity aroma after pouring. There was a strong bitter flavour (No sweetness) on the first sip but this vanished quickly leaving a rather unpleasant finish.
There was also a substantial amount of sediment left in the bottle, easily avoided mind.
Next was the Honey Panther which gave a more traditional golden flavour with more body. The honey aroma came through perfectly from the bottle and was really prominent in the beer itself. This was a lively beer with plenty of sweetness and bubbles.
Lastly was the winner of the three. Festive Panther packed a nice level of spice & fruitiness into each sip. It was like drinking a mulled wine without the tart red wine flavour.
It was full bodied, dark and gave a lasting flavour which was really pleasant. It would be interesting to try gently warming one of these and trying the result.

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