Beer, Tunes and Kit preperation

Tonight was one of those evening where I needed a good booze session and plenty of good angry metal to get the blood pumping and achieve a few bits and pieces after being knocked out with flu for the past two weeks.

The night mainly consisted of the hardcore. This included bands like the Italian technical death metal masters Flesh God Apocalypse. Mixing their crazy blend of classical style and extreme death metal. Try out their song ‘The Violation‘ for quick drum and string action.
There was some pirate metal action with Alestorm where we laughed and sang along to a cover of ‘Hangover‘.
We even came across a very sombre but very cool cover of Simon & Garfunkles ‘Sound of Silence‘ by Disturbed.
We ended on two of David Bowie’s latest and final offerings. The ten minute jazzy and progressive number that is ‘BlackStar‘ as well as the shorter and more melodic ‘Lazarus‘ which feels very final to what was a long and ground breaking artistic career!

From the music and into the beer, anyone up for my next project? Here it is….

Black IPA – Kit Preparationbeerkit

With another weekend finally upon us, I felt it was time to get my next homebrew kit prepared ready for brewday on Sunday.
I’ve naturally fallen into producing a range of dark beers over the next couple of weeks.
I’ll be starting with a Black IPA loaded with American Hops and an American style yeast. To get the dark colour, I’ll be trying out Carafa III for the first time which offers the colour but doesn’t give any of the bitterness of dark malts.

After some research online and comparing notes against a few sources in paperback, I’ve come up with the following 1 gallon recipe:-

820g Marris Otter
240g Crystal
80g Carafa III (Special\Dehusked)
3g Chinook Hops
14g Cascade Hops
American Ale Yeast (Safale US-05)

Check back tomorrow to find out how the brewing session went and how it all looks.

beersPanther Ales Triple

Christmas has been and gone but some of the gifts remained in my beer cupboard until that perfect moment.
Well, god-damn it, today was that perfect moment.
I decided to give my family Secret Santa offering a try along with some pulled pork tacos.

I tried out three beers from Panther Brewery. A micro brewery based in Norfolk, UK who offer a range of bottle\cask conditioned beers with what they say is a modern and full flavour.
As usual, the tasting notes from Panther directly are below.

Lest give things a blast then shall we?

Pink Panther

This pink ale has a range of fruit flavours and aromas. This wheat beer is refreshingly balanced with a bittersweet fruity finish.

Honey Panther

Delicately Balanced with a touch of sweetness, it is a distinctive honey infused golden ale with a wild flower character

Festive Panther

A dark ale brewed especially for the festive season. A rich, smooth and full flavoured ale. The addition of mulled spice adds a warm aromatic flavour.

My wife and I tried all three. Although it started a little risky, with each bottle opening the results got better and better.
I started with the Pink Panther beer which had the traditional wheat beer look about it and gave an awesome fruity aroma after pouring. There was a strong bitter flavour (No sweetness) on the first sip but this vanished quickly leaving a rather unpleasant finish.
There was also a substantial amount of sediment left in the bottle, easily avoided mind.
Next was the Honey Panther which gave a more traditional golden flavour with more body. The honey aroma came through perfectly from the bottle and was really prominent in the beer itself. This was a lively beer with plenty of sweetness and bubbles.
Lastly was the winner of the three. Festive Panther packed a nice level of spice & fruitiness into each sip. It was like drinking a mulled wine without the tart red wine flavour.
It was full bodied, dark and gave a lasting flavour which was really pleasant. It would be interesting to try gently warming one of these and trying the result.

Thanks to Jason Charles Miller for providing such awesome Country Rock tunage whilst writing this post. Check his track “Uncountry” below!

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